• Understand Your Audience

Any Audience. Every Issue.

At the core of Optimized Listening is an audience-centric approach to measuring online conversation. Tap into any of our existing influencer audiences or have us create the right one for you.

Beltway Elites ・ Conservative Activists ・ Liberal Activists ・ Members of Congress & Staff ・ Statewide Political Influencers ・ Conservative Opinion Elites ・ Liberal Opinion Elites ・ Clinton Campaign Insiders ・ Energy Influencers ・ Tech Policy Influencers ・ Defense Influencers ・ Financial Services Influencers ・ Hollywood Influencers ・ Silicon Valley VCs and CEOs ・ and many more

Who Can Use It

Optimized Listening was designed by political professionals to marry the vast potential of social data with the methodological rigor and analytical power of survey research. Our unique technology, combined with a team of analysts well versed in the nuances of politics and policy, mean you’ll get the answers you need faster.


Crisis Managers

Rapidly respond to crisis by accurately identifying the influencers discussing your crisis using Optimized Listening’s network analyses and custom audiences. Let real-time data inform your strategic response.


Get a heads-up display into what issues are driving conversations about policy. Dynamic, flexible dashboards provide instant insights into stakeholders’ geographic, ideological, and demographic backgrounds.


Identify and segment voter groups to track and analyze what messages are resonating, and which issues they care about most.


Identify what issues your audience cares about and which stories are resonating where. Measure the disconnect between elite and grassroots audiences to generate ideas for stories with broad appeal.